I am going to tell you the best purchase I have made since getting my t6i. And that is the Canon Portrait & Travel 2 Lens Kit. 

I was searching for my next lens to get, pretty much since I go my new camera. Not that don't love the one that came with it, but I really wanted to shoot with a lower aperture then 5.6, which is all that I could get with the stock lens i got with the body. 

While searching around and watching many product reviews on Youtube, I found the 2 Lens kit and I was drooling after the video. 

2 lenses for $320.

For my bank account this was the best thing i could have hoped for. Now these aren't the top of line lenses, but are the best quality for your money, especially if you're an amateur looking to expand your lens collection.  

I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality and i rarely have anything bad to say about either. 

The lens that i use the most would be the 50mm. I LOVE IT. it is exactly what i wanted and i use it for everything. I love that i can get my aperture down to a 1.8 and it has definitely enhanced the quality of my photos. 

shot with 50mm

shot with 50mm

The second lens that is in the kit is a 10-18mm lens. This lens is a great, but i definitely don't use it as much as i wish i could. it is definitely meant to capture those breathtaking landscape shots that i don't get to shoot as often. Sadly i do not have a photo with this lens that captures how great it is.

All in all great buy. 10/10 would highly recommend.